Digital Banking access to do more —

anywhere, anytime.

Access financial tools that let you do more from any device, anywhere, anytime. Our new digital banking solution will allow you to send money to friends instantly, manage your cards, make deposits, pay bills, and bank through a single, secure experience.


Welcome to the new Digital Banking experience

Move Money


Bill payments, account and loan transfers, and person to person (P2P) payments are all a part of the same, seamless experience in Digital Banking.

Person to Person Payments

Pay friends or family (or anyone!) instantly with Person to Person (P2P) payments. Unlike other P2P apps that require the recipient to have an account, Kish’s cutting edge P2P tool doesn’t require them to be a Kish customer—they just need a debit card from any bank. Initiating a payment takes just seconds, and the money appears in the recipients account within minutes. Users can send up to $1,500 total per day.

Bill Pay

Save postage, time, and trees by paying all your bills easily in one place through Digital Bill Pay! Make one-time or recurring payments to any company or individual, either immediately or scheduled for a future date.

Deposit Checks


Depositing checks no longer requires a trip to the branch. Simply use the camera on your mobile phone! Deposit an unlimited number of checks at one time up to $5,000 total per day.

Enhanced Security


Within Kish Digital Banking, you now have greater security options at your fingertips. Easily manage your cards and card alerts with the click of a button.

Manage Cards

Set alerts for approvals and denials, change your PIN, and easily turn your card on and off any time—right from your computer or mobile device. If your debit card becomes lost or stolen, turning your card off will turn off access to your account, giving you peace of mind and added protection.

Manage Alerts

Set up text or email alerts for a number of actions on any of your accounts or cards.  Alerts can be customized for your accounts, including Bill Pay, security, and card alerts.  Go to “Manage Alerts” to find these options.

Cash Management


For our business customers, we’ve enhanced our cash management features and functionality so you can do even more of your business online, including:

  • Positive pay

  • Account reconciliation

  • Wire transfers (including international)

  • Remote deposit capture

  • Tokens

  • ACH

Contact your Relationship Manager for more details.

Coming Soon!


We have several more digital tools in the works — pay with your mobile device (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay), open accounts online, and track your spending with our new online budgeting tool. More details to come!

Mobile app

Your new mobile banking experience

The new Kish Bank mobile app gives you full-featured functionality. To get the new Digital Banking experience on your mobile device, go to your device's app store and search for "Kish Bank."


Apple Device Users

If using the app for the first time since our May 18 upgrade, you will need to update the existing app. This will have happened automatically if you have auto-updates enabled.

Android Device Users

If using the app for the first time since our May 18 upgrade, you will need to delete our old app and download the new app. Go to your device’s app store and search for “Kish Bank.”


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