Important transition instructions for users of Quicken, QuickBooks, and/or Mint

 To ensure a smooth transition during our system upgrade, you will need to complete certain steps. Based on the financial software you use and your operating system, please select from the list of links below for detailed transition instructions.

A new feature being offered in the new Kish Digital Banking experience is Direct Connect, which allows you to connect Kish Digital Banking directly into Quicken or QuickBooks, so you can manage your accounts in real-time. Select the appropriate Direct Connect link below for instructions to implement this new feature.

Users can identify whether they are currently set up for Web Connect or Express Web Connect by the following:

  • All QuickBooks Windows/Mac users are only on Web Connect, as QuickBooks desktop products do not support Express Web Connect.

  • Quicken Windows/Mac users who use a Web browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.) to access online banking and download transaction history from it are using Web Connect.

  • Quicken Windows/Mac users who download transactions directly within Quicken software, are using Express Web Connect.

Please note that if you want to download your most recent transactions from Kish Digital Banking before the transition you will need to do so no later than May 13. 

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